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All You Need To Know About the 7+ Entrance Exam, with Expert Tutor Ilana King

June 17, 2021 Ilana King Episode 67
Qualified Tutor Podcast
All You Need To Know About the 7+ Entrance Exam, with Expert Tutor Ilana King
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Ilana King is one of the few 7+ entrance specialists. With a new training course and book, Ilana has given tutors and parents the opportunity to learn and grow.

Ilana is the Founder of Education Pathfinder, an educational consultancy business that has helped hundreds of parents plot the right path for their child. As part of her 7+ work, Ilana has recently written a book for parents who want to know more about the 7+ exam, and specifically for those parents who cannot afford a 7+ tutor. This book, The Parents’ Handbook for the 7+ Entrance Exams, can be found at amazon.co.uk/dp/B093N2CQ37.

While the 7+ entrance route has traditionally been the remit of the more affluent families in London, Ilana is committed to making it more accessible to more parents.

Here at Qualified Tutor, we're particularly interested in Ilana's commitment to training tutors too. If you'd like to become an effective 7+ tutor, there's only one place to look: Ilana's special training course, which can be found at educationpathfinder.co.uk/six-months-to-becoming-a-7-specialist.

If you would like to be part of an industry-first Level 3 Qualification for Tutors, enrol now by following qualifiedtutor.org/training/level-3-qualification-for-tutors/ and be the first in a new crop of motivated, committed, qualified tutors. Over 8 weeks of self-paced learning, interactive live sessions with peers and expert facilitation at every step of the way, you'll set yourself apart in a crowded space.

We can't wait to see you there.

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What is your WHY as an educator?
Tell us a little bit more about the 7+ exam
What are the common features of 7+ tuition that differentiate it from other areas?
So if there are areas in the exam that aren’t taught in school, how can students get around this?
You talk about a ‘lack of specialist tutors’ in 7+ tuition: why is this and how can we resolve this?
What kind of tutor makes a good 7+ tutor?
Do you find that, even in those students who don’t gain a place at the particular school, their wider learning is improved?