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What It Takes to be an Effective Online Tutor: An Interview with Atul Rana

June 03, 2021 Atul Rana Episode 65
Qualified Tutor Podcast
What It Takes to be an Effective Online Tutor: An Interview with Atul Rana
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Atul Rana is a tutor with a very strong online presence. Conducting his first tutoring session in October 2006, Atul has built a large following of professional, dedicated tutors.

If every online tutor had the same outlook and commitment as Atul, the tutoring world would look just a little rosier. Here, we discuss the pitfalls of the current system of education, the difference between expert and novice tutors and developing one's own unique style of tutoring.

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What is your WHY as a tutor?
What are the key strengths to online tutoring?
How did you develop your own unique style of online tutoring?
Why is performance not a good measure of actual learning?
What does this tell us about the difference between expert tutors and novice tutors?
What are your top 3 tips for Maths tutors working online?
How to get in touch with Atul