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Simple, Clear and Natural: How Tutors Can Enhance Learning with Visuals

May 27, 2021 Colette Stevenson Episode 64
Qualified Tutor Podcast
Simple, Clear and Natural: How Tutors Can Enhance Learning with Visuals
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Colette Stevenson is passionate about supporting others to learn for themselves. As a graphic designer and educator with ADHD, Colette is well aware of the need for giving learners space.

We've long encouraged the use of visuals and graphics in tutoring, as a way to diversify our sessions and give students a different angle of approaching their learning. In this conversation, Colette explains why tutors should use graphics and their importance in enhancing learning.

For further information on Colette's new Instagram project, go and check out @postagrid. A new way of maximising the reach of Instagram through the creation of mazes, storytelling and engaging students, Colette (who can also be found by visiting @colette.branddesigner) has jumped aboard a unique project - don't miss out!

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What is your WHY as an educator?
Tell us a little bit more about why and how you’ve come to help child-centred brands
What does it mean to ‘give space’ to a learner?
Why do tutors need graphics?