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The Value of Feedback and Preparation in Tutoring: Group Tuition in Focus

May 06, 2021 Charlotte Watson Episode 61
Qualified Tutor Podcast
The Value of Feedback and Preparation in Tutoring: Group Tuition in Focus
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Charlotte Watson is a wonder woman. Having founded Wonderlearn Tuition due to having a schedule that just became too full, Charlotte has mastered the art of feedback and preparation.

As a tutor,  group tuition leader, agency director, newly enrolled student, writer and Qualified Tutor Community member,  Charlotte combines her experience and skills in teaching, tutoring, consultancy and writing to deliver high-quality sessions to her students and raise the standards of those around her.

With a focus on the area of English 11+ entrance, Charlotte's new book is due to be released later this year and you can find out more information by visiting www.schofieldandsims.co.uk/product/799/11-english-study-and-practice-book-. This book is packed full of handy resources, practice questions and tips on how to succeed at this stage of learning - a textbook for the future.

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What kind of a student were you?
How do you prevent a group tuition session from mirroring a classroom environment?
What lessons did you take from your teaching to your tutoring?
How much of your time is spent preparing sessions?
What tips do you have for tutors looking to set up their own business?