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Research & Practice: A Holistic View of Child Development and Mental Health

April 29, 2021 Linda Larbi Episode 60
Qualified Tutor Podcast
Research & Practice: A Holistic View of Child Development and Mental Health
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Linda Larbi combines a research role at UCL with a passionate and committed tutoring service with a tutor manager role at Manning's Tutors. A suitably packed workload for someone with as much energy and dedication as Linda.

With an MSc in Child Development, in this conversation, we dive into the impacts of the lockdown on the development and wellbeing of children and how tutors can assist with this. Recognising the consequences of children not having been around their peers, Linda discusses strategies for kicking off sessions in a fun and informal manner as well as some of the more common misconceptions around children's mental health.

Listen out for Linda's heartwarming story about two of her online students at [20:07] - it'll leave you with more confidence than ever about the power of online learning.

Learn more about Linda's recent experiences of the power of connection in this online world at www.qualifiedtutor.org/blog/socially-distanced-but-not-distant/.

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What kind of a student were you?
Tell us a little bit more about what you’ve been working on in the past year
How did you get into tutoring then?
What do you think have been the biggest impacts of the lockdown on students’ mental health?
Did your MSc in Child Development prepare you for this year and the effects it’s had on children?
Is tutoring part of a Masters programme in Child Development?
What are the main ways tutors can assist with this?
What games or activities do you start sessions with to get a student engaged?
What are the common misconceptions people have about children’s mental health and wellbeing?
Linda’s heartwarming story about 2 of her students meeting online
What skills do you think have been improved by this pandemic?
What does the rest of the summer hold for you?